Body Bailout Fitness Journal - "Iron Sharpens Iron"

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Do you have fitness goals for 2023? Did you know that writing down your goals increases your chances of completing them by 80%?  Our fitness journal can help you stay on track and achieve those goals! Additionally, the "Iron Sharpens Iron" journal contains lots of strength training exercises that you can choose from to create a unique workout for each day of the week.

Why should you keep a fitness journal?

Better performance - Know what you've done in the past so you know what you can do this time.

Better planning - Got a goal? Write it down and plan the steps to get there!

Better safety - Know your previous lifts so you don't add too much weight just because you forgot what you did three weeks ago.

Better experience - Knowing where you started and tracking the journey makes you appreciate the gains you've made and the mountains you've climbed.