Body Bailout Essential Electrolytes

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Essential Electrolytes replenishes electrolytes and energy lost through exercise and dehydration.

Key ingredients:

  • Vitamin D3 - - also known as cholecalciferol, Vitamin D3 helps your body absorb calcium.
    • Strengthens bones and muscles
    • Boosts immunity
    • Improves mood
    • Reduces inflammation
    • Improves heart function
  • Calcium - - the most abundant mineral in the body to build and maintain strong bones.
    • Aids in weight management
    • Decreases risk of diabetes
    • Prevents cancer
    • Controls blood pressure
    • Treats hypoglycemia
  • Phosphorus - - a mineral that naturally occurs in many foods and is also available as a supplement. Phosphorus is the second most important mineral in your body.
    • Keeps kidneys healthy
    • Supports bone health
    • Boosts brain functioning
    • Repairs body cells
    • Supports digestive health
    • Eliminate muscle weakness and fatigue
    • Provides energy
  • Magnesium - - essential for maintaining good health and plays a key role in everything from exercise performance to heart health and brain function.
    • Promotes heart health
    • Supports healthy blood sugar levels
    • Helps fight depression
    • Acts as an anti-inflammatory
    • Prevents migraine attacks
    • Supports bone health
    • Helps with PMS symptoms
    • Supports better sleep
    • Reduces anxiety

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.